5 Things Every Figure Collector Should Know

(1) Think before you buy!

Collecting can get expensive and is addictive. Not only some figures can be costly, make sure you have the space to display them.

Another thing to consider, make sure you are still going to love the figure once your favorite anime's series is over. I have seen too many collectors buy a figure they regretted later. I am typing this as I am looking at my mountain of Funko Pops! Even I am guilty of this too!

(2) Open those boxes!

Figures are generally made out of PVC. This material needs to be exposed to oxygen to breathe. If you leave a figure in it's box for too long, it can cause long term damage. You know when an older figure feels sticky and was stored in it's box for a while? That's the plasticizer that is used to make figures. It leaks out over time if not exposed to oxygen.

(3) Pre-order!

Figures are made to order! Manufacturers actually determine how many figures are made by that pre-order number. They usually make a little extra for stores or events but often, that number is still small So if there is a figure you absolutely love, don't hesitate to pre order otherwise, there is a chance you could miss out!

(4) Don't buy bootlegs

I can't stress this enough. Buying bootlegs not only hurts the industry, you are left with a poor quality figure. If you want to know more about this, I have posted on this topic here and here.

(5) Buy What you like not because everyone else is buying it

OK I know this is obvious but some figures are trendy and people can feel pressured to buy a certain figure because XYZ has it and so on. This kind of relates to my advice in #1- Think before you buy. Figure collecting is a hobby and something you should enjoy. It's ok to like or dislike an unpopular or popular figure. It's your money and you should spend it on things that makes YOU happy.

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